The Williams Technology Centre

In partnership with the Qatar Science & Technology Park, Williams established the Williams Technology Centre, Qatar (WTCQ) to develop and commercialise technologies that have their origins in Formula One. This is currently focused on two R&D and commercialisation projects that will help Qatar achieve its 2030 National Vision.

The flywheels being developed are designed to help make Qatar's ambitious public transport infrastructure the most environmentally friendly in the world. Introduced into a new metro system for example, our flywheels can offer significant reducations in CO2 emissions. The highly immersive driving training simulators being developed are helping to train local regular and commercial drivers to improve Qatar's road safety record and educate drivers on how to drive in a more fuel efficient manner. Our motorsport simulators are helping to foster a safe motorsport sport culture in the Middle East and inspire a new generation of Qatari racing drivers.

Beyond its technology programmes, WTCQ is actively supporting education in Qatar in a variety of ways including mentoring final year student engineering teams, running multiple summer internship programmes to expose students to rapid engineering culture, and the hiring of local graduates.

Williams has a long association with the Middle East - the team's first sponsors were from the region - and the Williams Technology Centre is a symbol of our long-term commitment to Qatar.