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Welcome to the Williams Investors section. Here you will find information on our latest share price, copies of our annual reports and information needed to invest in Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC.

Share Information

Latest Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC share price, by month

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Financial Reports

Current and archived Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC and Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited annual reporting publications, available for you to download

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Shareholder Services

Up-to-date information and useful investor tools for all Williams shareholders

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Corporate Governance

The board of directors has implemented a corporate governance regime which is closely aligned to the UK Corporate Governance Code

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Williams Grand Prix Holdings Board Announcement

Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC (Ticker: WGF1) today announces that after six years, Eddie Charlton is stepping down from his position as the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director on the company’s Board of Directors.

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Results of Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC’s Annual General Meeting

Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC today held its 2017 Annual General Meeting...

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Key Contacts

Key contacts for information or purchasing shares

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