2014 Regulations


  • 1.6 V6 Turbo (@15000 Max rpm) replaces 2.4 V8 Non Turbo (@18000 rpm)
  • Starting Weight of fuel is reduced to 100kg (Was 150kg) with a restriction of the fuel flow
  • Drivers will be limited to  5 engines  per year (Currently 8)

Energy Recovery System ERS (Was KERS)

  • In Addition to the current Kinetic Energy Recovery System, energy can now also be recovered from the Exhaust Systems Heat Energy and converted into Electrical Energy
  • Total Storage of recovered Energy will be approximately 10 times greater than 2013
  • Increase in additional power  available to the driver will be approx. 160Bhp for approx. 30 seconds per lap (Currently 80Bhp for 7 seconds per lap)

Chassis and Gearbox

  • Lower height of the front nose
  • Single exhaust exit  at the rear of the car
  • Total width of the front wing reduced by 150mm
  • Rear wing will not have the lower wing element but the Drag Reduction System (DRS) will remain
  • Gearbox will contain 8 forward gears (was 7) and must last for 6 races (was 5)

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