Williams Racing Commercial Proposition: Innovation

14 Jan 2021

Williams Racing Commercial Proposition: Innovation

Innovation is everywhere you look in Formula One. The number of new innovations that occur in one race weekend is mind boggling.

At Williams you can feel, hear and see the innovation that goes into making our cars faster every day. But as we move back to the front of the grid, this sort of innovation is expected. Our people are expected to be thinking about this every day. Where’s the gain? Where can we find the advantage? Technological progress is deeply ingrained into our sport.

We’re looking at innovations in other ways though.  How we innovate through engagement with our fans. How we innovate to drive the sustainability of our business. Every factor demands that we innovate and develop the capability of our business.

In Formula One, this is expected. You don’t try to innovate every day you have to innovate every day. That changes our focus and changes how we interact with our commercial partners. We’re constantly questioning how we can use our innovative culture to deliver tangible value back to them.

This is the new frontier of corporate partnership with Williams. We’re looking to gain a competitive edge for our partners, just as we are for our team and our car.

You have to innovate to find it. That’s what we can do for anyone who chooses to work with us.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Hunt
Commercial & Marketing Director