Austrian Grand Prix

A Bit of Background:

Due to calendar changes, Austria will once again play host to two races this season.

It might be the same circuit two weekends in a row, but don’t think for a second that it will deliver two identical races. As we saw last year, the weather conditions in the mountains can always throw up a surprise and the engineering teams will love the chance to test different strategies two weekends on the bounce.

What Makes Austria Unique:

The mountain setting really does add to the flavour of the circuit, with the first part of the track all about steep uphill gradients and tight right-hand turns. DRS zones and heavy braking make these the best overtaking opportunities of the lap.

And as the saying goes ‘what goes up, must come down’ is equally true of the second part of the lap. A twisty in-field section of quick corners are an exhilarating journey back down the mountain side to the start/finish straight.