COVID-19: How it has accelerated our new sponsorship strategy

19 Dec 2020

COVID-19: How it has accelerated our new sponsorship strategy

The COVID crisis certainly hasn’t shaped William Racing’s new sponsorship strategy but it has accelerated it.

This year Formula One’s partners have had their worlds and their businesses turned upside down. The sport has not been immune either. Thankfully we’ve had an exciting season of racing, but it will never be quite as exciting, racing in front of empty grandstands. 

2020 has served to strengthen our resolve to change our partnership model. The global pandemic has proved to us that the establishment needs to change. It’s no longer good enough to have a ‘stickers on cars’ approach to sponsorship. 

Our partners need more and they need it now more than ever.  Quite rightly, COVID has created the need for more accountability. They need a deeper relationship where we can work with them to improve the bottom line, helping drive revenues, growing their business, retaining their talent. Or perhaps we can look at their business through an F1 lens and help them find new ways of doing things.  

It is exactly the sort of ground-up business growth approach that can convince anyone  - even the most steadfast CFO - that a partnership focused on accelerating growth, with a storied team such as Williams Racing is a cost-effective means to achieving their goals. COVID has just made it even more so.

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