Commercial Proposition: Heritage

26 Jan 2021

Commercial Proposition: Heritage

Heritage runs through Williams Racing. When you’ve been in F1 for so many years and enjoyed success like we have then it’s inescapable. We’re proud to be part of the fabric of global motorsport. 

But in the commercial arena heritage only forms a context or a backdrop. We can’t do business on past performance. Our future commercial partners aren’t going to be swayed solely by past success. 

Which is why we need to talk to them about current and future performance. Our story is transformation. It’s a story that resonates well in the market right now. How we’re reshaping and re-energising to become a championship winning team again. Keeping everything that was great before and making it even better. 

So the message for our potential partners is clear. We’re also now in a position to collaborate, to help them grow their businesses, forming a deep relationship and becoming part of their own transformation and growth. 

Our innovation, our technology, will be exciting for potential partners. Something far more meaningful and far more impactful for their businesses than logos, livery and corporate hospitality. We’re not just changing the nature of sports sponsorship; we’d like our future partners to join us on a transformational journey. 

For more information, please contact:

Tim Hunt
Commercial & Marketing Director