Commercial Proposition: The CEO & the CFO

06 Jan 2021

Commercial Proposition: The CEO & the CFO

When commercial sponsorship and partnership deals are contingent on board level approval, support of the Chief Financial Officer is imperative. 

That’s why at Williams Racing, rather than just talking about F1’s global audience and how many eyeballs we can deliver or the level of fan engagement we can achieve, we’d rather have a broader discussion. We’ll ask the CEO: “What are your five biggest problems and how can we help solve them?”, but we’ll also ensure we answer the question so often posed by the CFO: “So what?”.

Focusing on those two aspects of the discussion ensures the right attention at board level and it opens the door to the fact that we are changing our relationships with partners. Helping them grow their business, retain talent and offering our technical resources and world-class innovation to solve real problems in their businesses. Looking at ways we can make things more affordable, more sustainable or more efficient. 

Because our commercial partnerships are not just about how fast our cars are on the track. We’re finding new levers of value. More engaging, deeper relationships with our partners, where the measurement is not just a perceived media value, but how we can help with the bottom line.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Hunt
Commercial & Marketing Director