A wide range of activities are available at the Williams Conference Centre and can be used for team building and hospitality days or to enhance your events. Activities can take place within the Conference Centre and we also have a grass area available for non-motorised activities.

Team Building


The Williams Experience is design to recreate an authentic race atmosphere, with all of the roles available in an actual race contributing to the team outcome.

Using authentic equipment from the Williams Racing Team, each delegate will assume a role that is important in contributing towards the team's overall performance and subsequent success during practice and during a live race scenario.

Not only will the team experience the pressures of an actual race team, but will also be able to recognise individual strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to overcome the challenges they face under pressure and as a team.

This team event takes place in our drivers suites and can accommodate up to 100 people. Alternatively this can be run off site for larger numbers.


This experience offers a scheduled rotation around the Williams Games room. Groups of 10 will be guided around the various activities during their visit. Each activity will generate a score, in which this can be recorded for either individual or team merit.



Race head to head on F1 style driving simulators. Complete with the latest pedal system and steering wheel along with force feedback you will experience an authentic and exciting race experience. Available with or without VR.


The VR5 brings life to your racing experience through the combination of advanced virtual reality and motion simulation technology, providing you with the most sophisticated and lifelike racing simulation available.


The ultimate test of teamwork, our Williams Pit Stop challenge suits a vast number of event applications. Replicating an actual Formula 1 Pit Stop, the challenge is a true test of skill, co-ordination and teamwork.

With the choice of either a full or half car complete with Williams' own livery, electric powered guns and genuine Pirelli tyres. Groups of up to 16 participants assume the roles of the Williams team and compete for the fastest Pit Stop.

The half car Pit Stop is run in Williams own games room, whereas the full car Pit Stop can take place both onsite or offsite of the conference centre.


Requiring use of peripheral vision, fast reaction speeds and a high level of hand eye coordination. Participants hit the illuminated buttons at random within either a 30 or 60 second time limit to get the highest score.


Using a giant four-lane Scalextric with F1 cars, your guests will be entertained from start to finish in an absorbing, highly competitive format which can be tailored to the numbers and bespoke requirements of your event. Ideal as a structured team building activity or as informal entertainment during networking and social events.

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