Belgian Grand Prix

A Bit of Background:

One of the most popular races on the calendar – for both drivers and fans. Spa-Francorchamps is cathedral of motorsport and one of the seven original circuits that formed the original Formula One Championship in 1950.

Spa’s Eau Rouge is arguably one of the most famous sections of racetrack in the world and has become revered among the motorsport community. Seeing Formula One cars at full throttle on the uphill section through Raidillon shows F1 machinery at its finest.

What Makes Spa-Francorchamps Unique:

It’s a whopper! At 7.004km Spa is the longest circuit on the calendar and weaves its way through the beautiful hills and forests of the Ardennes (it was originally 14.9km!). The size of the area, and the changeable climate can add a unique dimension to races. It can often be raining on one section of the track, and completely dry on another making grip levels from corner to corner a bit of a lottery.