Japanese Grand Prix

A Bit of Background:

The figure-of-8 Suzuka Circuit was originally built as a test track for the Honda motor company in 1962. Fast forward almost 60 years and the track can boast a disproportionate share of iconic F1 moments and a reputation as one of the greatest drivers’ circuits you could find anywhere in the world.

It’s high speed layout, featuring famous corner sequences like the ‘S’ curves, Degners and 130-R, embody everything that F1 should be. It’s worth the traditional early wake-up call, as it always puts on truly epic races. 

What Makes Suzuka Unique:

If you can take your eyes off the track action, you’ll quickly realise there’s plenty to see in the grandstands. The Japanese fans bring their own unique approach to race day dress code and you’ll see an array of awe-inspiring head gear, face paint and costumes – all dedicated to their chosen heroes.