Mexican Grand Prix

A Bit of Background:

The Mexican Grand Prix often feels more like a carnival than a sporting event, with the race usually taking place around the Dia de los Muertos festival, or Day of the Dead.

Colourful skulls and patterns will adorn the faces of many fans, with some of the drivers now starting to get involved with the customs, creating bespoke helmet designs or tweaks to race suits to coincide with the Halloween-esq vibes.

What Makes Mexico Unique:

Altitude! The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez sits higher than any other circuit, approximately 2km above sea level. With the increase in altitude, there’s a decrease in oxygen levels, making this a much greater physical challenge on the drivers as they struggle for breath around the 4.3km lap.

But don’t think it’s just the drivers suffering. The altitude also places a greater strain on power units, which are equally starved of oxygen. It’s a true test of man and machine, but certainly a rewarding one.