Netherlands Grand Prix

A Bit of Background:

This is going to be one hell of a ride. Zandvoort returns to the F1 calendar in 2021, ending a 36-year period since F1 cars were last seen racing around the Dutch dunes. And this is a return to another old-school drivers’ track.

This fast, rollercoaster-feel circuit won’t disappoint, with a multitude of sweeping corners and elevation changes throughout, challenging the drivers’ commitment, as well as their necks! The atmosphere should also be electric. The Dutch fans have been a raucous presence at many races around the world in recent years, covering grandstands in a particular hue of orange. Now they’ll have a home race to attend, and you can imagine the party has already started!

What Makes Zandvoort Unique:

Tarzan. Or to give it the correct name ‘Tarzanbocht’ is one of the most famous corners of the circuit with a jaw-dropping 18-degree gradient of steep banking. It’s not the only banked corner on the track, but it will be a unique experience seeing cars travel through those section on race day and throughout the weekend.