Precision Hydration help athletes perform at their best by personalising their hydration strategy using their Sweat Tests and multi-strength electrolyte supplements.

Everyone sweats differently. As well as having different sweat rates, everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat. Some drivers on the start grid will be losing as much as 10x more sodium per litre of sweat than the driver next to them! Sodium plays an important role in hydration and performance, so understanding your own losses is crucial if you want to perform at your best.

In Formula 1® both the cars and the people are subjected to extreme pressures, so the health of the team personnel is of prime importance and could affect their ability to work in these demanding conditions. A major part of this is being properly hydrated and Precision Hydration will use their patented, at-rest Sweat Testing technology, adapted from the medical industry, to accurately measure how much sodium each driver and member of the pit crew loses in their sweat. This will enable Williams’ staff to devise and implement personalised hydration plans to help the whole team stay optimally hydrated in the cars and the garage.  

Tim Hunt, Commercial and Marketing Director for Williams Racing said: “As a team, our pursuit of performance is relentless and so the opportunity to work with a company like Precision Hydration was something we were keen to secure.” 

“We’ve worked with individual drivers and mechanics in Formula One before, but Williams Racing are the first team to make a commitment to understanding their entire teams hydration needs using our technology and know-how. They’re a very forward-thinking organisation and we’re excited to be working with them”, said PH Founder Andy Blow. "When it comes to motorsport, most people think of the performance of the drivers, but of course there's a whole team of people working hard, often in very hot and humid conditions, during Qualifying and race day to ensure the cars and drivers are in a position to perform at their best."

The company’s clients include a long list of NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and Premier League soccer teams, as well as elite and age group athletes in triathlon, cycling and running, tennis, motorsports and more.

To get started with personalising your own hydration strategy, take Precision Hydration’s free online Sweat Test at