Every eight hours someone in the UK is told that they may never walk again due to spinal cord damage. 

Spinal cord injury is life changing and it can happen to anyone, at any time through accident or illness. Spinal cord injury often causes paralysis and can also affect many other aspects of a person’s health, including bladder and bowel management, blood pressure regulation and body temperature control.

The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) helps spinal cord injured people and their families rebuild their lives after spinal cord injury with life-long services that offer both practical and emotional support, advice and information.

The following video gives a personal account from those who know first-hand what it is like to sustain a spinal cord injury and the impact that it can have on your life http://www.spinal.co.uk/page/sci-aware

Find out more about SIA’s life-long services and how you can support them as they aim to help everyone affected by spinal cord injury at www.spinal.co.uk