Claudia Schwarz
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Claudia Schwarz

Career highlights

Claudia Schwarz is the Marketing Director for Williams Racing, a role she took on in November of 2021. She is also the founder and owner of marketing agency, Instyle Productions, a role she will continue alongside her work at Williams.

Claudia grew up surrounded by nature and agriculture in the Upper Palatinate region of Germany. At the age of 18, after her mother unexpectedly passed away, Claudia become an entrepreneur, taking over her photography business and raising her little sister. Demonstrating her adaptability and resilience, the last 20 years have been characterised by continuous growth for Claudia’s business, Instyle Productions, highlighting her "fail fast, fail forwards" philosophy to efficiently and effectively overcome challenges.

Claudia’s talent in business development, transformation management, brand development and global campaign production is demonstrated by her impressive track record. She has an accomplished portfolio of work, including award-winning collaborations with multinational brands such as Volkswagen R and Mercedes-AMG, that has led to worldwide recognition. These traits, combined with her skills in business psychology, neuromarketing and mediation, have laid the foundation and structure for her own business, and faciliate the support she is able to provide clients. 

In her current role as Williams Racing’s Marketing Director, Claudia is responsible for the team’s overall marketing strategy, along with implementing the repositioning of the Williams brand to create opportunities to engage with new audiences beyond the traditional motorsport core. This involves actively seeking out collaborations, partnerships, and new activity targeting sectors the team hasn’t previously ventured into, such as fashion, art, and health and nutrition, to create a Williams beyond racing.

Outside of the office, family, music, sports, art, animals and their welfare characterise Claudia's lifestyle alongside her passion for her work. Claudia has an 11-year-old son, whom she teaches that reaching your ultimate self - both inside and outside of a working environment - always consists of thinking unconventionally, being humble, trusting intuition by remaining disciplined and self-reflective.