Mark Biddle
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Mark Biddle

Career highlights

After graduating from Cambridge University with a Masters in Law, Mark Biddle spent seven years working in private practice in London and then in Hong Kong, before taking a legal advisory role with Deutsche Bank.

Eight years later Mark made a conscious effort to escape the financial services industry and, in 2004, he became the RAC’s General Counsel. He remained in this role for a year, until Aviva completed a successful takeover of the RAC and parachuted him straight back into finance.

Following a nine-month contract as Senior Corporate Lawyer with Aviva, Mark spent several years as General Counsel to marketing company, Aegis.

Mark then took on the role of General Counsel for Williams at the start of 2009. Mark’s role is to advise generally on all legal issues relating to the Formula One Operations, including sponsorship, driver contracts and regulations – as well as legal issues relating to the Group’s non-F1 activities.