Melissa Bridges


Career highlights

Melissa Bridges is the Transformation Director for Williams Racing.

She believes that every organisation, regardless of size or sector, needs to continuously improve. Organisations must adapt to meet the needs of their customers, evolve to sustain their people, and be agile to drive new technologies. Melissa has dedicated the last 20 years to helping organisations improve, supporting them to overcome complex business challenges in a systematic and sustainable way.

Melissa has worked as a transformation expert for some of the top consultancies in the UK. She has delivered tangible benefits to a range of organisations, including Royal Mail, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, SDL plc, Ford and BMW. Most recently Melissa ran a global programme to improve internal processes, services, talent management, professional development and governance at McKinsey and Co.

Melissa joined Williams Racing in 2021. Her ultimate aim is to improve our performance, on and off track. She works across all areas of our organisation – including people, processes and technology – to identify the challenges holding us back and implement sustainable solutions. For Melissa, organisational culture, behaviours and change management are just as vital for winning as strategy, systems and technical innovation. She leads multiple programme and project delivery teams and supports our people in all phases of the project lifecycle.