PWP: Find out how you fared in Melbourne

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03 Apr 2023
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An unprecedented race led to low scores all around on our free-to-play game

Even an elite-level Formula 1 strategy team would have struggled to call the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions correctly after a chaotic Australian Grand Prix.
A tough afternoon for Logan Sargeant and Alex Albon was reflected in our PWP scores, with the highest score of 25/40 being shared by seven players.
A whopping 79% of players scored less than 10 points, making it the lowest scoring round since PWP began at the beginning of last season.
Sadly for our mystery brainiac known as ‘The Strategist’, they too were caught out and their strategy calls went out the window Down Under.
This all means that 16 players currently sit jointly at the top of our global leaderboard with 70 points to their names.
Discover how you fared by following the link below, or keep reading to discover how ‘The Strategist’ scored in Australia.
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Pit Wall Predictions
The prediction window for this Grand Prix has now closed.

Q1) On which lap will Alex make his first stop?

Sadly, Alex never made a pit stop owing to his accident on Lap 7. As a result, just 0.2% of players got this question correct.

Q2) On which lap will Logan make his first stop?

Logan pitted at the end of the opening lap, utilising the Safety Car period to cycle through his mandatory tyre stop. Only 6% of PWP players suggested LS2 would pit before lap 10, scoring them five points.

Q3) How many full Safety Car periods will there be?

It was a remarkable race that saw the full Safety Car deployed on three occasions. The first was for Charles Leclerc’s beached Ferrari, another was for Alex and the final one was for Kevin Magnussen’s stricken Haas, with the latter two later upgraded to red flags.
Our highest option was 3+ and 3% of players earned points for this question.

Q4) Which Williams Racing driver will pit first?

Even if Alex had continued in the race, it still would have been Logan who pitted first given his opening stop at the end of the first lap.
This question saw the most correct answers, but it still wasn’t a majority of fans who were correct, with 49% picking up five points here.

Q5) What will Alex’s longest stint on the same set of tyres be?

Alex’s race only lasted for seven laps, meaning this fell into the smallest possible option: 1-10 laps. 2% of players either saw this early retirement coming or conjured up a five-stop strategy for Albono – either way, they still came out with five points to their name.

Q6) What will Logan’s longest stint on the same set of tyres be?

Sarge’s longest stint came on the medium compound, completing 28 laps with yellow-walled rubber bolted to his FW45.
This was the question with the second-most correct answers of the weekend, with 47% of PWP getting it right.

Q7) Which tyre will Alex end his race on?

Alex’s Australian Grand Prix came to an abrupt end whilst running the medium compound that he started on. 41% of players earned players on this question.

Q8) Which tyre will Logan end his race on?

Logan’s race came to an end during the second red flag restart and, like the rest of the remaining field, he had the soft compound fitted for what was all set to be a two-lap sprint finish. 4% of players ended their round by correctly calling this final question.

The Strategists Score: 1/8

Our secretive individual will be in an even more reclusive state over the next four weeks as they joined 32% of Pit Wall Prediction players in scoring just 5/40 points.
Rest assured, they’ll be working harder than ever to make sure they’re setting the PWP pace once again at our next round in Azerbaijan.
Find out your results
See how you fared against other fans in the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.

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