Williams Esports: Kicking off the fall season as history makers

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07 Sep 2023
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The team returns to ESL R1 action with positive form at the first round at Monza


In the first half of the 2023 Season, Williams Esports were a regular contender in the Spring Championship, successfully claiming multiple Pole Positions, Wins and Podiums.
This included a Final appearance in all eight rounds at the Munich Majors.
Spring Season 2023 Highlights include:
R1: P8 Final - Niko Wisniewski
R2: P11 Final - Dáire McCormack
R3: P3 Final - Niko Wisniewski | P11 Final -Daire McCormack
R4: P1 Final - Dáire McCormack
R5: P1 Final - Dáire McCormack | P8 Final - Niko Wisniewski | P10 Final - Kuba Brzezinski
R6: P10 Final – Kuba Brzezinski
R7: P7 Final – Kuba Brzezinski
R8: P7 Final – Dáire McCormack
Majors Day 1: P4, P5, P2 – Dáire McCormack | P6, P5, P2, P2 – Kuba Brzezinski | P1, P2 Niko Wisniewski
Majors Day 2: P1, P1, P1, P2, P4 – Dáire McCormack
Dáire McCormack after winning Round 6
Dáire McCormack after winning Round 6.


The Fall Season includes a slight change to the rulebook. There are now a maximum of 85 points available to a driver per round in the Championship.
The Tiebreaker that featured in Gamers8 – a hotlap shootout for drivers to decide who goes through to the next race if equal on points in the standings - is back plus the Qualifying order is random instead of drivers knowing and having set turns.
There are also a few game updates new to the series, including adjusted track limits, car collision damage and a new penalty system for off-track invalidations.
The team in action
The team in action.


8 Round Season + Final Majors
4 Groups
12 Drivers Per Group (48 Total)
2 Quarter-Final Races
2 Groups per Quarter-Final Race
24 Drivers Go through to Semi-Final (Top 6 from each Group)
2 Semi -Final Race
2 Groups in each Semi-Final
12 Drivers Go through to Final (Top 6 from each Semi-Final)
Last 12 Drivers go the Final
Drivers’ Championship on individual driver points.
Teams’ Championship on all drivers’ points added together.
The top 24 in the Drivers’ Standings at the end of the 8 round season will qualify for the Majors at Jonkoping, Sweden in November.
On track in Monza
On track in Monza.

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Coming back from a tricky Mid-Season Tournament at Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia, Williams Esports are determined to create a redemption arc for the Fall Season.
We have started well in the first round at Monza with an experienced, race-winning line-up of Daire McCormack, Kuba Brzezinski, Jack Keithley and the returning Nikodem Wisniewski following a previous injury during the Spring Season.
Dáire McCormack - Ireland
Dáire McCormack -Ireland
Nikodem Wisniewski - Poland
Nikodem Wisniewski - Poland
Kuba Brzezinski - Poland
Kuba Brzezinski - Poland
Jack Keithley - Great Britain
Jack Keithley - Great Britain
Knockout Quarter Finals (Top 6 Qualify)
KO #1 | Kuba Brzezinski – P3
KO #2 | Daire McCormack – P2
KO #3 | Jack Keithley – P5
KO #4 | Nikodem Wisnewski – P2
Semi Finals (Top 6 Qualify)
SF #1 | Daire McCormack – P1, Kuba Brzezinski – P6
SF #2 | Jack Keithley – P5, Nikodem Wisniewski – P6
All four drivers through, making us the first ever team to have a full lockout in an ESL R1 Round Final, achieving history!
Finals (Top 12)
Daire McCormack – P2
Kuba Brzezinski – P4
Nikodem Wisniewski – P8
Jack Keithley – P10


With great momentum from Monza, Williams Esports are feeling motivated for the next round on Thursday 7th – Friday 8th at Spa-Francorchamps; a narrow track filled with challenges, long straights and steep hills, which always brings great racing!
The team are looking to continue the run into the Finals and remain as the leaders in the Teams’ Championship as well as scoring as many points as possible in the Drivers’ Championship to reach the Majors. Our racers are currently sat in:
Daire McCormack – P2
Kuba Brzezinski – P7
Nikodem Wisniewski – P9
Jack Keithley – P14
ESL R1 Round 2 weekend starts LIVE at twitch.tv/williamsesports from 17:00 UK on Thursday 7th for the Quarter Finals!
Follow all the additional content on our social platforms: @WilliamsEsports
See you at Spa!
See you at Spa!
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