PWP: How did you fare after a chaotic weekend in Qatar?

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10 Oct 2023
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Check out your Pit Wall Predictions scores from the Qatar Grand Prix and see where you rank.

With last-minute rule changes, strict track limits enforcement, and an incredibly physical race, Qatar wasn't a race any team strategist could predict.
However, that wasn't the case in our free-to-play game, Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.
One Qatar star took the maximum score of 40 points after correctly predicting all eight questions for our Sunday in Lusail.
It's all to play for at the top of our leaderboard, with six players sharing the top spot on 325 points as we head into the final five rounds.
How did you fare? And did you beat our Grove guru, The Strategist, this weekend? Read on to find out.
Find out your results
See how you fared against other fans in the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.

Q1: On which lap will Alex make his first stop?

The FIA and Pirelli's decision to limit any tyre stint to an 18-lap maximum made these first two questions a 50/50 choice.
Alex pitted on P18 after leading the race to kick-start 78% of player's predictions with five points, including The Strategist, who chose Lap 11-20.

Q2: On which lap will Logan make his first stop?

It was an earlier pit stop for Sarge, who ran 13 laps before his first tyre change, but that still meant he comfortably fell into the Lap 11-20 bracket.
A few more players incorrectly opted for the Lap 1-10 choice here, but we still had 69% and The Strategist scoring in this question.

Q3: Which Williams Racing driver will pit first?

After being the most likely one of our duo to be the first stopper in the opening rounds, Alex pitting first is becoming less frequent as 2023 goes on, and that proved true in Qatar.
56% incorrectly followed The Strategist's advice in thinking Alex would be the first FW45 to box, with Logan being our first pit lane visitor in Lusail.

Q4: When the first Williams Racing driver pits, where will they pit from?

Various strategies were at play across the race, with drivers around us stopping in the Safety Car period.
Those out-of-position cars, plus our strong start, meant Logan was P6 when he first changed his tyres, which only 14% of players predicted.
The Strategist’s – and 65% of players' – prediction for P11-P15 didn't net any points here.
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Q5: How many pit stops will our drivers make between them?

Those of you who made or edited your predictions close to lights out would have benefitted from the knowledge of the 18-lap maximum stint rule.
As we escaped early DNFs from any Lap 1 contact, we made five stops.
The 33% who followed The Strategist with a "5+" answer scored five points here.

Q6: How many full Safety Car periods will there be?

We didn't complete the first lap without a Safety Car intervention in Qatar, but it was the only time Bernd Mayländer hit the track on Sunday after his busy Saturday.
The Strategist called this right, along with 46% of players, with a selection of "one" for Q6.

Q7: Which tyre will Alex end his race on?

The soft tyre's high attrition meant there wasn't much running of the red-ringed rubber around Lusail, with neither of our pair utilising Pirelli's softest compound.
Instead, Alex's medium-medium-hard-hard strategy had him cross the line with hards as 25% predicted, but not The Strategist.

Q8: Which tyre will Logan end his race on?

Like Alex, Logan started his race with new medium tyres, pitted for another set, and then jumped onto hards for his third stint.
Unfortunately, Sarge retired before his final scheduled stop but finished his race on hards to score 35% of players some points.
The Strategist wasn't one of them, though, having predicted both to finish on mediums.

The Strategist's Score: 4/8

It's another half-point haul for The Strategist, who continues to do well in these late-season races.
They now have 285 points and sit in 48th place in the standings as we prepare for the upcoming triple-header.
Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf, will return for the US Grand Prix next week to challenge you with eight more strategy calls.
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