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Published on
24 Jul 2023
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How did you score at the Hungaroring?

We are busy reflecting on our weekend at the Hungarian Grand Prix, a weekend that very nearly brought points thanks to Alex Albon’s battling drive to P11.
It’s not just those of us who were trackside that are pouring over the data, but all our Pit Wall Predictions players will be as well.
Hungary is always a tough weekend to call correctly, and that reflects in our results. 72% of players scored 15 points or less, whilst just 0.3% top scored with 35 points.
This all means there's a clear leader at the top of our global rankings, sitting pretty on 230 points.
See how you got on by clicking the link below. Read on to see how your predictions compared to other players and 'The Strategist'.
Abu Dhabi 2023
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Q1: On which lap will Alex make his first stop?

Alex was actually the first driver to register a pit stop this weekend, first visiting our crew on Lap 8 to switch from the medium onto the hard.
This was a lot earlier than most of our players had predicted, including The Strategist. Only 6% of PWP players earned five points on the first question.

Q2: On which lap will Logan make his first stop?

Logan boxed for the first time on Lap 13, putting him within the Lap 11-20 bracket and earning just under half of all our players (49%) five points.
The Strategist had opted for Lap 21-30, so their search for points continues.

Q3: When the first Williams Racing driver pits, what position will they pit from?

Albono was P15 when he first pulled into the pit lane, placing him just inside the P11-P15. This was music to the ears of 62% of our players, who were spot on in this prediction, but The Strategist failed to score yet again.

Q4: How many pit stops will our drivers make between them?

Both drivers executed a two-stop strategy, meaning we made four pit stops in total. Five points went to 36% of PWP players, one of whom was The Strategist who finally gets off the mark!

Q5: How many full Safety Car periods will there be?

For the second year in succession, the Hungarian Grand Prix didn’t feature a single full Safety Car period. This went against The Strategist’s prediction, and the majority of our players, with just one in five getting this question right.

Q6: Which tyre will Alex end his race on?

Alex’s strategy was medium-hard-hard and 26% of PWP players correctly said he would end his afternoon on the white-walled Pirelli rubber. The Strategist also got this one spot on.

Q7: Which tyre will Logan end his race on?

Logan also went the same way as Alex, with him running the hard tyre when his race wrapped just a lap shy of the chequered flag. Slightly more players scored five points here, 30% in total. A further five points were picked up by The Strategist here.

Q8: What position will the leading Williams Racing driver finish the race in?

As mentioned, Alex crossed the line in P11, placing him within the P11-P15 bracket. The Strategist ended their round on a high here, as did 41% of players.

The Strategist’s Score: 4/8

It was a solid week for our resident Grove Guru, picking up from a difficult round at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
They’ve climbed up to P74 in the standings, with 190 points to their name.
Abu Dhabi 2023
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