PWP: Three players score top marks in Monza

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05 Sep 2023
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Check out your Pit Wall Predictions scores from the Italian Grand Prix and see where you rank

We had another point-scoring result in the 2023 Italian Grand Prix, but did you enjoy the same in our free-to-play game Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf?
Each week, we ask eight questions about the upcoming race to put your Formula 1 knowledge to the test.
It seems the Temple of Speed brought good fortune to more than just Alex, as three players took the top score possible of 40 points.
Congratulations if that was you, but don't worry if you scored lower, as 15 points for three correct predictions was the most common result this week.
Two players now vie for supremacy atop the standings with 275 points, with the next two just behind on 270.
Check how you compare to the other players, plus our in-house guru known only as 'The Strategist' by reading below.
Find out your results
See how you fared against other fans in the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.

Q1: On which lap will Alex make his first stop?

The Williams Racing duo were among some of the earliest stoppers, and 56% of you thought that would be the case.
Most players correctly followed The Strategist's answer of 'Lap 11-20', even though they then followed that advice by suggesting it would be a two-stop race.

Q2: On which lap will Logan make his first stop?

Lap 11-20 was the right call here, too, with Logan stopping one lap earlier than Alex.
The Strategist called this right, along with a whopping 60% of players, even correctly suggesting that Logan "will pit within a couple of laps of Alex".

Q3: Which Williams Racing driver will pit first?

The only 50-50 question this week split players 60-40 in favour of Alex.
Albono has been the one to stop first more often than not, but that wasn't the case in Monza, catching out The Strategist and meaning only 40% got this right.

Q4: How many pit stops will our drivers make between them?

Despite some concerns about tyre wear over team radio, The Italian GP was a one-stopper, meaning we had two stops in total.
The Strategist expected three, as did 35% of players, but for the 32% that went for 'two', they took five more points here.

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Q5: Which tyre will Alex end his race on?

The Alternative Tyre Allocation meant all drivers had fewer sets of rubber available than usual, and Alex made his Hard compound last until the flag.
26% guessed this right, perhaps following The Strategist, who expected some tyre-whispering mastery from our Thai ace.

Q6: Which tyre will Logan end his race on?

More players thought Logan would finish on hards than Alex, meaning 32% got five points here.
Someone who scored thanks to Logan's tyre preservation was The Strategist, who correctly said that the two Williams Racing drivers would follow a similar strategy.

Q7: How many Virtual Safety Car periods will there be?

This year's Italian Grand Prix was a relatively calm affair with no slowdowns, aside from the aborted start.
Give yourself a pat on the back if you chose 'zero'. This question was Monza's lowest-scoring question, with only 20% getting it right, even catching out The Strategist, who chose 'one'.

Q8: How many full Safety Car periods will there be?

A quiet weekend for Bernd Mayländer meant he didn't need to leave the pit lane during the race with no safety car interventions.
Zero was the answer The Strategist chose, and 24% of players followed suit to take five more points in this final question.

The Strategist's Score: 5/8

Finally, a decent score for The Strategist after some poor recent results sees them jump up to P84 in the standings with 225 points.
We have a new-look Singapore circuit next up to challenge Alex, Logan, and all our players when Formula 1 returns on September 15-17th. See you for the next Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.
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