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15 Feb 2024
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Kuba Brzezinski and Nikodem Wisniewski leave the team after a five-year spell

Williams Esports confirms the “Polish Duo” have left the team after a successful 5 years representing the team colours, with such a great success in top sim racing championships and lan events such as Le Mans Virtual Series, WTCR Esports, ESL MAPFRE and ESL R1.
A recap of all both drivers’ achievements since 2018:
Rennsport - 2023 ESL R1 Fall Season, P3 Teams (Online)
RaceRoom - ADAC GT Masters 2022, P3 Niko, P2 Kuba [With Jack Keithley] (Online)
rFactor 2 - 2022/23 Le Mans 24h P3 LMP2 (Online)
RaceRoom - ADAC GT Masters 2021, P2 Kuba
rFactor 2 - 2021 Le Mans 24h P2 LMP2 (Online)
rFactor 2 - 2021 Le Mans Series P2 LMP2 (Online)
rFactor 2 - 2020 Le Mans 24h Winners LMP2 (Online)
rFactor 2 - 2020 Race All-Star Championship Series, P2 Niko (Online)
rFactor2 - 2020 BMW Sim Live Finals, P2 Niko (Online)
AC - 2020 V10 R League season1 P2 (Online)
rFactor 2 - GT Pro S1, Niko P3 (Online)
rFactor 2 - 2020 Le Mans Series Champions LMP2 (Online)
rFactor 2 - 2020 Le Mans 24h Winners LMP2 (Online)
Forza Motorsport - 2020 Le Mans Series, P3 (Online)
Forza Motorsport - 2020 Autosport Le Mans Virtual winners (Birmingham, UK)
rFactor 2 - 2019 Fanatec Sebring 12h winners (Online)
rFactor 2 - 2019 A1 Series, P2 Kuba (Austria)
RaceRoom - ADAC GT Masters P2 (Bodensee, Germany)
ACC - SRO Esports Exhibition LAN, P3 Kuba (Spa, Belgium)
RaceRoom - 2019 WTCR Esports P1 & P2 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
rFactor 2 - 2019 ESL MAPFRE S2 Champions (Gamepolis Malaga, Spain)
rFactor 2 - 2019 ESL MAPFRE S1 P3 (Madrid, Spain)
Both drivers have highlighted how welcome and well treated they were in the team throughout these years.
Kuba has been an example of how someone joining the Williams Academy (recommended by Niko) can make his own way to become part of the main team, to the point of becoming a sim racer as a full time job.
“I became a guy who is making sim racing for my living," Kuba said.
Kuba has collected all of Williams Esports’ t-shirts since the day he joined, as well as taking with him lots of achievements he has secured alongside Niko, all in multiple countries where they had represented the team, including Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Belgium, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.
Some of the trophies won by Niko and Kuba are still displayed in the Esports Lounge at Grove. Arguably the most notable ones could well be the first ever Le Mans Virtual champion team (LMDH), Le Mans Virtual podiums in 2021 and 2022/23, and the ESL Mapfre.
Hear from Kuba...
Hear from Nikodem...
“The most important achievement in my career was the Le Mans Virtual victory in 2020. Racing against the likes of Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello, Fernando Alonso, Max Vertappen… How incredible it was! Feeling the pressure until the last lap and hearing the commentators shouting that we were in the last lap of the race,” Niko shared.
“It was unreal getting the email from Williams interested in signing me up after Sim Racing Expo back in 2018. I’ve always been a fan of the team and getting an official email from me was an incredible feeling.”
“Williams opened the door wider than I thought. Everything I did in Sim racing and motorsport was somehow thanks for being part of this team.
“I took the right decision to join and I would have taken the same decision. There’s no other team in the sim racing world that takes the driver development program as professional as Williams does.”
“We express our eternal gratitude to both Niko and Kuba for their invaluable contributions over the years, fostering mutual growth and paving the way for collective success. As they embark on new journeys, we wish them both well and hope that our paths cross in the future,” shared Ben Hawkins, Head of Performance.
Both drivers have highlighted how Williams Esports has just changed their lives, from being students to becoming full time sim racing drivers and ambassadors of the sport in the industry.

Thank you, Kuba & Niko.

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