Behind the Badge: Bahrain 2024

Published on
28 Feb 2024
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Claim your first of 24 Grand Prix badges today and discover more about the story behind the design

It’s almost time to go racing once again, which means it’s also time to start growing your Williams Racing badge collection.
Thousands of fans have been a part of the team in recent years by collecting our badges every race, but if this is your first time, welcome along!
Every Grand Prix, we bring you exclusive coverage from inside the Williams Racing garage via our live blog, and when you join us during a Grand Prix weekend, you can also collect an exclusive badge.
Each race brings a new design that draws inspiration from the location we are racing, meaning you can grow your collection with a stunning new badge at every round.
But, there’s more! If you unlock all 24 Grand Prix badges throughout the 2024 season, you will be rewarded with an exclusive prize, just like 636 fans did last season.
Keep on reading to discover more about this weekend’s design, or scroll to the bottom to unlock the first race badge of 2024.

Behind the Badge: Bahrain

The badge design for Bahrain is a vivid reflection of the dynamic essence of the Bahrain Grand Prix.
Drawing inspiration from the race’s renowned windy conditions and its status as a thrilling night race, the design comes to life with vibrant neon lights, reminiscent of the illuminated track under the desert sky.
Framed within the design’s futuristic typography and the neon-bright colours is a subtle homage to Bahrain’s rich cultural heritage intertwined with its modern advancements.
Overall, the aesthetic encapsulates the spirit of innovation and progress that defines Bahrain’s evolving landscape.
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