Logan: “The goal is to keep making steps forward”

Published on
15 Sep 2023
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Read what Logan Sargeant shared in Thursday’s FIA pre-Singapore GP press conference

Logan Sargeant was on FIA press conference duty before the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend.
The 22-year-old answered questions regarding his preparation for the most physical race on the calendar and much more. Read on to find out what Sarge had to say yesterday.

On how excited he is for his first taste of the Marina Bay Circuit

I love a night race, to be honest. When I first started playing the F1 game a long time ago, this was the track I always came to. I don't know why, but it's exciting and I have always wanted to drive here.
I think it's going to be a special weekend.

On how he’s been preparing physically

I've been preparing as much as I can in hot rooms, maybe I already have a little advantage [being] from Miami.
For the most part, it hasn't felt too bad yet. I think considering it's at night, it'll be OK. I might change my mind come Sunday afternoon! But we've definitely been prepping for it slightly differently.

How he expects the car to perform at this high-downforce circuit

If you look at the circuit on paper, it's not ideal for us. Those corners that have been removed from the last sector honestly [should] play in our favour, but we're not too sure.
We'll be positive about it and try to get the car in a good window. We were quick in Zandvoort which was high downforce, so hopefully we can keep that going and try to find some pace here.

On what the team have asked of him going into these final rounds

From the team's side and from what I want to see my side, is just constant improvement from now until the end of the season – just keep making steps forward.
I feel like I have made steps forward, like starting to deliver laps when I need to in qualifying and just being more controlled and comfortable.
I feel like as long as I keep doing that and keep coming into these weekends as well-prepared as I can. The goal is just to keep making steps forward.

On the heat of Singapore

In terms of pure temperature, it's not as bad as some of the other ones we go to. It's just the humidity that gets you, which is why we do that humidity training.
I think the biggest thing is dehydration throughout the race. I personally don't drink, so I just have to live with it through the race. But I mean, honestly, I don't find it warmer than Miami.
I think Miami is even more humid. It just comes down to a track characteristic – it is pretty non-stop and that makes it so difficult. I don't find [drinking] easy to do. So, I just live with the fact that I hydrate before the race and live with it.
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