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Williams Racing motorhome enjoys makeover ahead of its 2022 debut

Published on
21 Apr 2022
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Our European trackside home will look a little different this season

With Formula One heading back to Europe for Round Four of the 2022 Championship, our motorhome will make its first appearance of the year.
It has been the trackside home of Williams Racing for many years, welcoming thousands of guests through its doors.
Multiple brand uplifts have been undertaken in that time, but during the past winter, our motorhome has gone through its biggest refurbishment to date.
The Williams creative team collaborated with award-winning Interior Designer, Russell Sage, along with support from our friends at Fury and Eddie Stobart to create what you see today.
Work began on the latest uplift in February, when the motorhome was completely deconstructed for structural work in Warrington before no fewer than 36 project lines got underway.
The 2022 concept starts with the exterior where we have wrapped the entire structure in a premium grey finish, with the implementation of a contemporary carbon fibre aerofoil feature.
As you walk into the motorhome you are met by a divider wall. This acts as a friendly welcome area that can be moved depending on the needs of our hospitality team.
The concept for this ground floor space was to be a light and airy bar and bistro area, which has been achieved by utilising natural materials such as wood, alongside the addition of feature lighting and the subtle application of our diamond pattern.
As you head up to the first floor, you’ll find a space designed with mood in mind. The concept for this area was to contrast against the ground floor using much darker colours to create a warm, fine dining experience.
This has been achieved by muting the light in the area, adding luxurious deep navy colours to the walls, utilising darker flooring and applying soft contemporary light features across the back wall.
The furniture in this room has also been carefully designed and selected to help accentuate the fine dining experience.
New in this space for 2022 is the arrival of an Esports room that will showcase our Esports team. This room includes active simulators installed so that our guests and drivers alike can be immersed in the Esports experience.
For our top floor, we wanted to create an area that is refreshing, relaxing and easy on the mind.
We have achieved this by using simple planters accompanied by clean contemporary furniture and the implementation of naturally light materials.
The motorhome’s audiovisual offering has also been totally redesigned and revised, with an all-new Control4 smart system that allows race footage to be displayed alongside other media content, such as the latest episodes of The Williams Warm-Up or Williams: Off Grid.
There are no small undertakings in F1 and countless hours have been poured into this project, and you’re sure to see much more of our motorhome during the European races this year.
The Motorhome itself requires 14 drivers to build and takes a full 24 hours to construct, which is split over two working days.
Then is then a further 24 hours spent on furnishing, cleaning and final preparations before we welcome our guests and media inside.
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