Radio Replay: Differing emotions at the flag

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31 Oct 2023
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Discover what went out over the airwaves at the end of our Mexico City Grand Prix on Sunday

After a tough Saturday, the 2023 Mexico City Grand Prix ultimately proved to be a positive race for the team, adding to our points tally in the fight for P7 in the Constructors’ Championship.
Alex Albon, who had opted to start on the hards, was able to make a one-stop strategy work, not changing his tyres during the red flag, and pushing on to a P9 finish.
Logan Sargeant fought his way through the field on two occasions, the latter being a charge from P18 a few corners after the restart, right up to P12, before we were dealt the unenviable task of asking him to retire just a few corners from the chequered flag.
In this edition of Radio Replay, hear what our pair had to say over the airwaves at the end of the race.


Chequered Flag:
PIT: “OK, nice job! Slow on the way in, nice and steady. That’s P9, that’s a bloody good job mate! Well done!”
ALEX: “Yeah! That was a nice turnaround everyone. ”
PIT: “Yeah, made all the difference on the start, didn’t it?”
ALEX: “Yeah!”
PIT: “So Hulk eventually got passed by Ocon, so just Ricciardo in P7 that are the people of interest.”
JAMES: “Well done, Alex! Really, really solid drive again. Points! Tally just adding up for you, there’s not a lot more we could have got out of it today. Impressive end to the race though in terms of pace. ”
ALEX: “Yeah, thank you James! I think we maximised that after not maximising Saturday, so yeah, well done everyone.”
PIT: “Lovely job, well done.”
ALEX: “Thanks mate.”
Before getting too caught up in an eighth points finish of the season, James Urwin is immediately reminding Alex that it’s time to start cooling the car.
In Mexico City, we race at 2.2km above sea level, so getting the temperatures down on our FW45’s key components is much more difficult. You can learn more about the effects of altitude on an F1 car here.
He is also fed key information on where the cars immediately involved in our Constructors’ Championship battle finished.
The red flag midway through proceedings effectively offered us a half-time break, so Alex would have seen that Daniel Ricciardo, Yuki Tsunoda and Nico Hulkenberg had all been sitting in points-paying positions at the time.
James Vowles, dialling in from Mission Control at our Grove headquarters, expressed his appreciation for Albono’s efforts, acknowledging that it was probably the maximum we could have got out of the afternoon’s proceedings.
James kept across everything live from Mission Control at Grove
James kept across everything live from Mission Control at Grove


Lap 71/71:
PIT: “Logan, we need to back off and cool the car. Back off, cool the car. Sorry, we need to enter the pit lane and not take the flag. Sorry mate.”
LOGAN: “AAHHHH. I can't cross, you sure?!
PIT: “No, come in. Box box box. I'm really sorry, mate. We were managing an issue the last couple of laps, that's why there were all the switch changes.”
LOGAN: “We were there!?”
JAMES: “Logan, it was a solid race. We have a car issue and we’ll take you through it afterwards. Thank you for coming in.”
No racing driver wants to hear the words that ask them to pull over, not least when you’re entering the very last sector of the circuit on the final lap.
But unfortunately for Logan, that’s exactly what he was asked to do. Again, you’ll see that the very first message our American racer receives is to cool his car.
In his situation, this was even more pressing as he only had a handful of corners in which to do it.
Ed Regan, Logan’s Race Engineer for the weekend, had been requesting switch changes in the closing stages as the team looked at the best ways on which to manage the problem. You can learn more about the process behind this decision in The Vowles Verdict, presented by Kraken.
In the heat of the moment, you never know how an elite sportsperson will react when being asked to stop, especially just before the finish line.
James was quick on the radio to consolidate Sarge following a battling driver that saw plenty of moves made in what was set to be a very good P12 finish.
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