Logan Sargeant: “I’m training as hard as I can”

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Logan Sargeant
Published on
20 Jan 2023
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LS2 shares his thoughts ahead of the 2023 Formula 1 season

Hey guys, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season. Mine was pretty nice!
I headed home to Florida, which was great after such a hard but rewarding season.
It gave me a chance to get home, see my family and my dog, catch up with a lot of friends and recharge the batteries.
I obviously don’t get to do all that as often as I would like, so it makes those moments even better.
At the same time though, I had to keep active in the gym to maintain my fitness and strength to ultimately make sure that I’m physically fit for the season ahead.
It’s been a couple of months now since I was confirmed as a Formula 1 driver, but I don’t really know if it’s sunk in yet.
I’m training as hard as I can knowing the challenge that is coming but, sitting here as an F1 driver, I don’t really feel any different.
It’s probably not going to quite sink in until we get to Round 1 when we’re doing that Thursday track walk.
I recently went to Portugal for a pre-season training camp with my performance coach, Ben, and was an intense trip but really good! We made, and continue to make, progress and got a lot of work done there.
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On a typical day on the training camp, we woke up at around 6am, then got a nice smoothie and snack in before our first session.
We mixed it up each day but, generally speaking, we did a high-intensity workout early on in the morning to get that cardio in and start each day right.
After breakfast, where we got a little bit of protein onboard, we headed out for a long-distance run or some beach sprints, and pitch work, and that was awesome.
I then got lunch before we headed out for a lighter activity.
In the afternoons, we played a bit of padel, tennis and American football – we mixed it up throughout the camp.
Then we ended each day with a heavy lift session, getting the neck and core involved.
Logan is put through his paces on the rowing machine
I’m doing my best to enjoy every part of this process because I know how much of a challenge this year is going to be, to make the step up in physicality that an F1 car demands, but this is what I’ve been working towards for years.
I have to make sure I can be in the best shape possible and I have huge motivation to work really hard towards that.
At this stage of the year, under two months out from Bahrain, I’m working to keep my body in a good condition generally and maintain my overall strength.
We’re also working really hard on cardio; doing a lot of running and high-intensity workouts.
Then, as you can imagine, we’re doing a lot of neck and core work as those two are connected and continuing to strengthen those up for the Gs that are coming.
Now the date for our 2023 Season Launch has been announced, I’m super excited, even though I feel like my season has already started!
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