PWP: Where do you rank this summer?

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16 Aug 2022
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Two players head the field going into the second half of 2022

We’re midway through Formula One’s summer break, so what better time to reflect on your Pit Wall Predictions performance so far this season?
With nine races to come in a little under three months still to come, a lot can change with a few correct calls on our free-to-play game.
Even if you haven’t started playing, there are still 360 points up for grabs across the final rounds of the 2022 season, enough to make a serious change in the standings.
Our PWP podium as things stand:

=P1 - 215 points, two players

As everything paused for the shutdown, two players are locked in a dead heat at the top of the field, both on 215 points each.
To prove just how tight it can be at the top, after the French Grand Prix the sole leader had 205 points, meaning they were gained on in Hungary to create an exciting second half of the season for both fans.

=P3 - 210 points, five players

There is a strong bunch of players nipping at the heels of the leading pair, currently sitting just one correct question behind them.
If you are one of those sitting patiently on the second step, fear not! One strong race weekend could propel you comfortably into P1.

=P8 - 205 points, five players

We did say there could be a serious swing in the standings! It is incredibly close in our podium positions, with 12 players separated by just 10 points, or two correct answers.
With 40 points to be earned every weekend, expect this top 12 to keep trading places all the way to Abu Dhabi in November.
The rest of the top 10: =P13 - 200 points, six players =P19 - 195 points, eight players =P27 - 190 points, 12 players =P39 - 185 points, 15 players =P54 - 180 points, 24 players =P78 - 175 points, 27 players =P105 - 170 points, 26 players
If you’ve already dusted off your crystal ball and feel confident enough to lock in your answers for the Belgian Grand Prix, now you can! Your calls can be changed right up until the formation lap, so don’t worry if you have a sudden change of heart.
If you’ve made it this far through the article without ever playing Pit Wall Predictions before, where have you been?!
It’s our free game that gives you the chance to definitively prove you know what you’re talking about when it comes to F1.
Ahead of each Grand Prix, we’ll task you with making eight predictions. Submit what you think will happen during the race, before sitting back and watching the action unfold.
Each correct prediction will earn you five points and you can keep track of your score across the 2022 season.
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