F1 Sprint 2024: What’s new and where are they taking place?

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13 Feb 2024
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All you need to know about F1 Sprint weekends in the 2024 Formula 1 Season

F1 Sprint weekends are back for 2024, with new locations and a fresh format to set it apart from the usual Grand Prix weekend.
Here’s our handy guide to get you up to speed on all things F1 Sprint in the 2024 season.

What is an F1 Sprint?

An F1 Sprint is a shorter race with its own qualifying format that precedes Sunday’s feature-length Grand Prix.
A Sprint race will be run over 100km, a third of the length of a full Grand Prix and lasts roughly 30 minutes.
The grid for the F1 Sprint is decided by a condensed qualifying session known as a Sprint Shootout, which consists of a 12-minute Q1, 10-minute Q2 and an 8-minute Q3.
In effect, this means on an F1 Sprint weekend, fans are treated to two races and two qualifying formats, as opposed to just one of each.
There are no mandatory pit stops in an F1 Sprint, so it’s a blast to the chequered flag.
Drivers can score points in an F1 Sprint in addition to what they’d score in the regular Grand Prix.

How many F1 Sprint weekends are there?

There are six F1 Sprint weekends dotted throughout the course of the 24-race calendar. This is the same amount as we had in the 2022 and 2023 seasons.
When F1 Sprint was first introduced in 2021, there were just three F1 Sprint weekends.

When and where are the F1 Sprint weekends taking place?

Two new locations will host Sprint weekends in 2024: the Shanghai International Circuit and the Miami International Autodrome.The full list is below:
China - 19-21 April
Miami - 3-5 May
Austria - 28-30 June
Austin - 18-20 October
São Paulo - 1-3 November
Qatar - 29 November-1 December
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How many points can you score in an F1 Sprint?

The top eight finishers in an F1 Sprint will all score points, as opposed to the top 10 as you’d see in Sunday’s grand prix.
Unlike in a full-length race, there is no bonus point awarded for the fastest lap.
Finishing Position
Points Awarded
8 points
7 points
6 points
5 points
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point

What’s new for 2024?

The format of an F1 Sprint weekend has changed for the 2024 season. In the season just gone, Saturday would act as a Sprint-exclusive day, but the two specific Sprint sessions will now be spread across Friday and Saturday.
Friday will begin with FP1 before it’s time for the Sprint Shootout. Saturday will get underway with the 100km F1 Sprint race before ending the day with Qualifying for Sunday’s full-length Grand Prix.

How have Williams fared in F1 Sprint so far?

Since its introduction in 2021, Williams Racing have picked up just one top-eight finish in an F1 Sprint.
This came in Qatar last season, where Alex Albon roared through the field from his P17 grid spot to come home an eventual P7, earning himself two points.
With six more events ahead of us, we can’t wait to see what Alex and Logan can achieve in F1 Sprint weekends in 2024.

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