Williams Esports Academy Update - March 2024

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22 Mar 2024
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Get up to speed with everything at the Williams Esports Academy

As we head closer to April and complete our first quarter of the year with already close to 100 competitions entered and many triumphs, including overall winners at the iRacing Daytona 24h.
With P4 in the iRacing Bathurst 12h, as well as victories across our F1 and Assetto Corsa Competizione lineups, the team continue to bring new talent into the ever-growing roster and provide new opportunities for the future of Williams Esports and the drivers themselves.
Over the last 3 months, we have unfortunately seen a few of our Academy drivers depart, however, we have also signed the next talents and prodigies for this team across all sim racing platforms who have already made their mark on the highest stages.
We have been pleased to welcome these new recruits into our highly professional and successful team, working with them as soon as they join to become their best selves on and off the track, maximising their performance for us, building their profiles, and supporting their own day-to-day commitments and education.

New Signings:

Qio-Tiago Marteau 18, Netherlands Academy iRacing Team – Special Events
Robin Glerum 22, Netherlands Academy iRacing Team – Special Events
Leo Roussel 28, France Academy iRacing Team – Special Events
Andrew McWilliam 20, Great Britain Academy Assetto Corsa Competizione Team
Felix Tazvinzwa-Hacker 18, Great Britain Academy Assetto Corsa Competizione Team
Nikodem Sobczyk 17, Poland Academy Assetto Corsa Competizione Team
Mateusz Hladky 17, Poland Academy Assetto Corsa Competizione Team
Kian Goedendorp 18, Netherlands Academy F1 Team
Iker Baena 20, Spain Academy F1 Team


Kody Deith Academy iRacing Team, 2023-24
TJ McLean Academy iRacing Team, 2023-24
In such a short amount of time, our new signings to the academy have produced some fantastic results, including multiple podiums and points positions across various top-tier F1 and F2 championships for Kian Goedendorp and Iker Baena.
Andrew McWilliam and Mateusz Hladky have secured a positive amount of top 20 finishes in the LFM and Rennwelten series, with Felix Tazvinzwa-Hacker & Nikodem Sobczyk bringing home a handful of top 10’s - a best of P4 and P6!
So far, only competing in the recent Bathurst 12h, Qio-Tiago Marteau has shown his potential and powerful resilience to never give up when the race may look over.
The Dutchman found himself near the back of the special event on debut with Academy teammates Jerzy Glac and Mateusz Nogaj, however as an LMDh driver jumping into a GT3 for the first time in a while, qualifying just outside of the top 20 together and recovering a large gap to gain 4 positions to P36 from P40 after catching damage from an incident which wasn’t their fault.
The 18-year-old has displayed his great, determined attitude and skill with a lot more to reveal in his upcoming events and the team are looking forward to seeing it!
Joining Qio-Tiago as our latest Academy iRacing drivers and additions to the LMDh-focused roster; Robin Glerum and Leo Roussel (real-life driver in 24h Le Mans, 24h Spa and ELMS Champion 2017), had a few words to say after joining the prestigious Williams name.
Robin – “I’m very excited about joining the Academy! This is a massive opportunity for me to improve my skills and Williams have a history of producing the best talents in sim racing so I’m glad to be here and ready to achieve the results we deserve together as a team!"
Leo – “Super happy to be joining the Williams Esports Academy program. Coming from real-life racing, it's a big chance for me to put my skills to use on the virtual track for one of the biggest and most successful sim racing teams in the world and see what we can achieve behind the rig. I’m looking forward to getting started with the team and the fellow drivers, it’s going to be enjoyable to work with some incredibly talented people!”

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