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Did the weather catch you out on Pit Wall Predictions?

Published on
30 May 2022
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There’s a four-way tie at the top!

There were strategy changes galore at the Monaco Grand Prix after a downpour just before lights out saw the team rush to fit wet tyres.
However, three players kept their cool under the grey clouds to top-score with seven out of eight correct, adding 35 points to their Pit Wall Predictions tally.
Four fans now head the field on our 2022 leaderboard, with a whopping 125 points to their names – however, there are a further four players just five points behind who are ready to pounce on any slip-ups.
Click the link below to find out how you got on this weekend, and don’t forget to share your results with us on social media.
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See how you fared against other Williams fans in the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions.
As we take a deeper dive into the rain-affected Monaco Grand Prix, we see that not many people foresaw the amount of pit stops our boys had during the race.
Both Nicky and Alex boxed on three occasions, with the latter’s final visit made to ultimately retire from the race – 17% saw that coming for our No6 whilst just 5% got it spot on for our No23.
Last year’s battle around the streets of Monte Carlo incredibly saw no Safety Car or Virtual Safety Car – in fact, there wasn’t so much as a double-waved Yellow Flag.
However, many of you suspected that it wouldn’t be the case this year and were rewarded for your confidence.
With two full Safety Car periods, one at the race start and another that straddled either side of the Red Flag period, 37% of fans called it right, whilst 45% said there would indeed be one spell in Virtual Safety Car conditions.
Nicky stretched his longest stint to over the 31+ lap threshold, which 13% called correctly. Alex was on course to meet this figure too before his race ended early which meant his longest stint was in between the 21-30 laps, which 48% thought would be the case.
Finally, both our drivers' races ended on the medium tyres – exactly half of you saw that being the case for Alex, with 41% calling it correctly for Nicky.
Happy with your results or will you be looking to bounce back as we turn our attention to Baku? Questions will be going live for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Wednesday afternoon (BST).
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