Radio Replay: Strong Quali under the Friday Night Lights

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21 Nov 2023
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Discover what went out over the airwaves during Qualifying for the Las Vegas GP

Saturday’s race didn’t deliver the points that we were hoping for after Friday night’s Qualifying for the inaugural Las Vegas GP.
That said, it still doesn’t take any of the shine off of a memorable evening in Sin City – one which saw us clinch our best Quali result for over seven years.
In this edition of Radio Replay, hear what our pair had to say as the session progressed, eventually culminating in our third-row lockout.


Q1 - Chequered Flag:

PIT: “Currently a yellow at Turn 5, that’s P11 at the minute. There’s some still going in Sector 3. Logan P8 currently. Times still to be set, they will be compromised by the yellow.”
PIT: “OK, we’re through.”
ALEX: “Yep.”

Q2 - Chequered Flag:

PIT: “OK, nice job. That’s P5… ok P6, Logan P9.”
ALEX: “Yep.”

Q3 - Chequered Flag:

PIT: “P6, P6! Nice job! Logan P7, good teamwork!
ALEX: “Well done, guys!”
JAMES: “Well done, Alex. Really, really solid job again in Qualifying. Great position for tomorrow, looking forward to it.”
ALEX: “Thank you, James. That's a good position, and for Logan as well.”
PIT: “Both of us gain one as well for the penalty for Sainz, so 5 and 6 on the grid tomorrow.”
For Alex, Q1 was his first time back on track after tagging the wall in FP3. Post-session, he spoke about having to build his confidence back up again and rediscover where the limits were.
There’s always a tense wait between crossing the line and having your time confirmed, but as you can see in Q2, Alex knew he’d banged in a solid time as soon as he’d crossed the line.
One thing you can also see is that Alex is being fed where his teammate has finished throughout every stage. He’s committed to the team’s cause, and in our battle for P7 in the Constructors’, he knew that both drivers had to deliver on Friday night.

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Q1 - Chequered Flag:

PIT: “Respect the delta, Tsunoda off at Turn 5. Watch out into Turn 5. Flap adjust?”
LOGAN: “Happy. If anything, minus one.”
PIT: “Copy, you have time to think about it. We’re through to Q2, that was good work with Alex.”
LOGAN: “It wasn't the cleanest of laps, but let’s step it up now.”

Q2 - Chequered Flag:

PIT: “That’s a good lap, that’s a good lap! Close it. Feedback on the flap, please? You’re currently P7.”
LOGAN: “Happy.”
PIT: “OK, we’re good! Congrats! Your first Q3 mate – good job, good job!”
LOGAN: “Second!”
PIT: “SORRY! Apologies, second! Emotion! Thank you, mate.”
LOGAN: “Good job, guys!”

Q3 - Chequered Flag:

PIT: “Slow in, I’ll let you know where you are, currently P4… I think you're P7... P7 mate! Congrats! Alex P6, P7 for you.
PIT: “Enjoy, enjoy!”
JAMES: “Really well done, Logan! That's how you build a weekend up. Get on equal footing and you can perform – good job!”
LOGAN: “That's what we've been working on, guys! Thank you! COME ON! Proud of everyone.”
As you can see, Logan was laser-focused on getting his car as high up the grid as possible, not wanting to get carried away until he had locked in that Q3 time.
Then, and only then, the emotion came pouring out. It was a big moment for our American racer, securing the best Qualifying result of his career to line up on the third row.
Gaetan Jego, Logan’s Race Engineer, was quickly reminded that Sarge had indeed made Q3 before, that sole appearance coming back in Zandvoort.
James also called in to congratulate Logan. As they’ve both spoken about publicly before, Logan has been working hard to build up throughout a weekend and the 2023 Las Vegas GP was a perfect example of that.
If you want to find out what is said during each race as it happens, join us for our exclusive live feed on our app each Grand Prix weekend.

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