Breaking down “A Point to Prove” from Netflix’s Drive to Survive

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15 Mar 2022
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Taking a deeper look into the all Williams episode in season 4

Season 4 of Netflix's Drive to Survive was released on Friday and there are absolutely no excuses if you haven’t completed the series already!
If you’ve tuned in, you would have noticed that episode six is devoted entirely to us here at Williams Racing.
Let’s break down “A Point to Prove” and recap some of our favourite moments. If you haven’t yet reached this episode, this is your official SPOILER ALERT! Come back to us after you’re all caught up.

Introducing Mr Capito

The episode starts as we join Claire Williams in her car, reflecting on the sale of the team to Dorilton Capital and stepping down from her role as Deputy Team Principal.
Conversation turns to just how much Formula One has changed during the time Williams have been competing and why it was the right time to let someone new have a crack at the job.
Enter Jost Capito. We see our CEO arrive at our Grove HQ, who describes getting the feeling of goosebumps at being offered his role, before we take a glimpse into his background, focusing on his multiple title successes in the World Rally Championship.
During this, Jost takes the time to explain one story from his time in rallying involving, how shall we put it, an unconventional approach to dealing with a driver who had lost confidence in the car.
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You made it, George

We meet Nicholas Latifi and George Russell soon after, and get a sneak peek into a conversation between the latter and a producer.
It’s safe to say we didn’t hear the end of GR63 not making the cut during season three, so maybe his cheeky “hopefully we make it in this year” did make all the difference after all.

The Paddock Walk

Another big takeaway from the episode is how Jost aims to motivate his team and one way he does this is through our location in the paddock.
In 2021, our garage and buildings were always located right at the very end, meaning that he, as well as the wider team, would have to walk past everyone else to start the day.
Describing it as a “walk of shame”, he challenged the team to walk through the paddock, some of which can be as long as 300 metres, and stop at the point they wanted to be at in 2022.
This reality check is a daily incentive to decrease that walk by pulling together and getting the most out of the car every weekend.
In 2022, we’ll be the eighth team in the paddock and working hard to try and bring us closer to the entrance gates for 2023.

2022 line-up

As the season progresses, thoughts turn to the 2022 season and how we continue our journey of moving back up the grid.
With options on the table, we join Jost and the board in the office to hear their thoughts and deliberations on what we need from our driver line-up for 2022.
Though no names of drivers are mentioned, it gives us a fascinating insight into the discussion and thinking that goes into such a process, which obviously leads to us having Nicky joined by Alex in the FW44 for 2022. WATCH NOW: The Williams Warm-Up Episode 2

Double points delight

We’ll be honest, we don’t tire of watching back last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix so we were pretty excited to see it featured in Drive to Survive.The race forms the payoff of the entire episode and as the Netflix crew were embedded within the team all weekend, we are treated to a first person insight inside the garage during the race.
The emotions that the team felt after are abundantly clear and it all becomes a little too much for some, including George who famously shed a tear or two in the media pen post-race.
It emphasises the hard work and dedication from the whole team that went into achieving that result, whilst also making us hungry to achieve it more often.
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