PWP: How did you fare in Austin?

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24 Oct 2022
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Check your Pit Wall Predictions results from the United States Grand Prix

After tyre degradation and Safety Cars made for some tricky strategy calls, our free-to-play Pit Wall Predictions game now has five players with 300 points or more as we leave Austin.
No one managed to score a perfect 40 this time, but one of you got seven predictions right to pick up an almighty 35 points for their 2022 tally.
Here's the breakdown of how our players got on at the 2022 United States Grand Prix.

United States GP results

Our first two questions had us asking you to predict when Alex and Nicky would make their first pit stops in the race. The pair both stopped before Lap 10, meaning Lap 1-10 was the correct answer. Only 6% called Alex's early stop, with 21% getting it right for Nicky.
Nicky's Lap 5 stop came before Alex's Lap 9 pit lane visit, and 60% of you foresaw that.
The high tyre degradation and a 38 Lap-long final stint for each FW44 meant that our duo took Pirelli's hard tyre across the line. 24% got that right for Alex, with 37% thinking Nicky would finish his race with the hardest compound.
The lack of Safety Car periods since 2015 made some players think this would be another Grand Prix without a slowdown. However, two Safety Car periods were something that 14% of players predicted.
We told you there hadn't been a Virtual Safety Car since 2016, and 2022 continues that trend. However, only 22% took heed of our stat to get this correct.
Finally, the two-stop strategy for both FW44s resulted in a grand total of four pit stops between our drivers. There are plenty of strategic thinkers out there, as 40% of players called this right – the most common answer for this question by far!
With three remaining Grands Prix this season, there are just 120 points available. Can you reach the top before the chequered flag at Abu Dhabi? You can make your Mexico City GP predictions from Wednesday afternoon (BST).
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See how you fared against other fans in the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.
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