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08 Jul 2024
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Check how you compared to 'The Strategist' in the British GP's Pit Wall Predictions

There were points scored in the British GP for Williams Racing after Alex fought back to take a P9 finish.
How about for players of Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf?
And did the Grove guru, only known as 'The Strategist', repeat Albono's success?
Read on to see how your score compared and whether you beat The Strategist at Silverstone.
Find out your results
See how you fared against other fans in the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.

Q1 & Q2: On which lap will Alex/Logan make their first stop?

Any pre-race plans for switching tyre compound went away when the radars picked up a pocket of rain.
We double-stacked Alex and Logan on Lap 29 to switch them to Inters when the rain fell, putting them in the Lap 21-30 bracket.
The Strategist got this wrong with their Lap 11-20 choice, but 49% of players were correct with their Alex selection, and 51% scored for Logan.

Q3: Which Williams Racing driver will pit first?

Both Williams Racing drivers pitted on the same lap, but Alex was the lead car, so he was the first to box.
Only 38.8% called this 50-50 question right, and The Strategist was with the incorrect 61.2% split.

Q4: How many pit stops will our drivers make between them?

The British GP at Silverstone is usually a nailed-on one-stopper, but the rain changed everything.
That's five points for The Strategist and 20% of players who correctly opted for 'Four' here.
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Q5: Which tyre will Alex end his race on?

Alex ran three compounds over the British GP, starting on the Hard, then the Inters, and finishing on Mediums.
There are more points for The Strategist and more points for the 39.2% who also chose 'Medium' as their answer.

Q6: Which tyre will Logan end his race on?

It wasn't the same strategy for Sarge, who had a fresh set of Pirelli softs available, unlike Alex.
He ran the red-ringed rubber as his final compound, which 37.2% predicted, but not The Strategist.

Q7: How many Virtual Safety Car periods will there be?

Forget VSCs. Somehow, there wasn't even a yellow flag during the changeable conditions, showing the quality of the 2024 F1 grid.
While most players (61%) expected one VSC, 22.3% correctly chose 'Zero', including The Strategist.

Q8: How many full Safety Car periods will there be?

There was no need for the cars to follow Bernd Mayländer in this year's British GP.
The Strategist and 76.8% of you didn't score here, so congratulations to the 23.2% who did.
The Strategist's Score: 3/8 – A tricky week for predictions, and The Strategist's 15 points reflect how tough it was to take a high score from Silverstone.
Fifteen points was the most common result, yet 10 players took a 7/8 in this low-scoring round, so well done if you were one of them.
Here's how the leaderboard looks at 2024's halfway point with The Strategist sitting X with Y.


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