On Trend: Fan reactions to the season opener

Published on
22 Mar 2022
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Fans from across the globe were united in celebration that Formula One was back this past weekend, and we saw what you all had to say!
Join us for a scroll through our notifications from the first race on the calendar.
Have you seen the FW44 in AR yet?
Shout out to our US fanbase on that early morning grind
Who knew he had it in him?!
We got to live life through Nicky's eyes in FP1
We love our badges, make sure you get yours each race
Yeah, we feel you
We will, Fion!
It was great to have you with us
Can always rely on the duck to have our back
Welcome to the team, Daniel!
See you there, Tyson
That's the spirit
We'll keep pushing
When the boss talks, it's always worth listening
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