Logan on the Sprint weekend: “It gives us more opportunity under pressure”

Published on
30 Jun 2023
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See what Logan Sargeant said in Thursday’s FIA pre-race press conference

It was Logan Sargeant’s turn to face the media in Thursday’s FIA press conference in Spielberg, appearing alongside Zhou Guanyu (Alfa Romeo), Pierre Gasly (Alpine), Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari).
Ahead of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, our young American fielded questions from the press on the FW45 upgrades, the suitability of the Red Bull Ring and his hopes for the F1 Sprint.
Read on to find out what Sarge had to say.

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On getting the upgrades this weekend

From what I've spoken to Alex about, it seems like the characteristics of the car are relatively similar, which is good for me because it's not like driving a whole new car – but at the same time, just more compliance.
It's quicker, more downforce, so it's just better all around.

On whether the Red Bull Ring will suit the FW45

I don't think it should be too bad. I think it's one that will be on the better side for us. It’s still going to be a challenge, for sure.
Hopefully, we can use everything. It’s a Sprint weekend; weather conditions look a little bit tricky as well, so we’ll do our best to keep ourselves in the fight.

On looking forward to the F1 Sprint

Honestly, I enjoy it. I don't mind having one session and then straight into Qualifying. I was even enjoying the Sprint Qualifying the next day. Obviously, it didn't end well [in Baku].
But for the most part, it's good: it gives us more, in my opinion, opportunity under pressure, which is nice. And also, to have two races is good for me to keep learning.

On how important it is for any young American hopefuls to make the early shift to Europe and the difference in racing cultures between the US and Europe

Well, racing cultures I'm not really sure, because I raced my whole life in Europe. I think it is important though. I think if you don't make the move, you're just sort of a step behind. There's no way you can travel back and forth. It's just too difficult.
But, it is a big sacrifice. I think if you want to reach Formula 1 that's the way you have to do it. And to be honest, I look at the karting list nowadays, and I see a lot of American kids in it.
So, it's good to see and I'm actually familiar with a few of the names from sons of previous drivers. So, hopefully, we can see more Americans coming through and into junior formulas soon.

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