PWP: Three players lead the race after a low-scoring round in Miami

Published on
08 May 2023
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Check your score and ranking after Round 5 of our free-to-play game

A mixture of strategies up and down the Miami pit lane meant overtakes galore, but did anyone score full marks in this weekend's Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf?
Miami proved an ideal race for all simulations, with no retirements, safety cars, virtual safety cars, or even yellow flags to interrupt the Grand Prix.
However, as we know, Formula 1 is seldom this quiet, and planning for an incident-free race didn't feature in many of the PWP players' plans, with only 13 players getting the highest score of 30 out of 40 points.
The most common points tally from Miami was a much lower 5/40, so don't feel too bad if this wasn't your weekend — in fact, just 8% of all players scored 20 points or more.
With a weekend off ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the three players atop the global standings - with 110 points - can enjoy their lofty position for a fortnight before we go again in Imola.
You can check how you did by clicking the link below, but read on to see how your picks compared to other players and, of course, our insider, 'The Strategist'.
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Q1: On which lap will Alex make his first stop?

A slightly-extended opening stint on the yellow-walled Pirelli mediums saw Albono get to Lap 22 before making his pit stop for the hards.
Most of you followed The Strategist here with a Lap 11-20 answer, but 14% got the Lap 21-30 prediction spot on.

Q2: On which lap will Logan make his first stop?

The early damage for Logan meant the Florida local was the first driver in the pit lane after two laps, putting him comfortably in the Lap 1-10 bracket.
Only 12% called this one, with the majority agreeing with The Strategist that the safe choice before lights out was Lap 11-20.

Q3: Which Williams Racing driver will pit first?

With a damaged FW45, Sarge needed to dive in for repairs and be the first Williams Racing driver to pit, bucking the trend of the previous races.
34% went for Logan to be the first stopper, while the other 66% went for Alex, including The Strategist.

Q4: When the first Williams Racing driver pits, what position will they pit from?

Logan's front wing again threw most players here as his damage had him running at the back when he pitted for repairs.
If you got this right, unlike The Strategist, you're in the minority - only 15% of players managed a correct prediction here.

Q5: When Alex makes his first stop, what will the gap between him and the car ahead be?

Albono’s hard-pushing style of racing in 2023 meant almost half of PWP players were right to believe he would be with 2.5 seconds of the car in front when he pitted.
48% of players went for the same route as The Strategist with the 0.1-2.5s answer, securing five points in the process.

Q6: When Logan makes his first stop, what will the gap between him and the car ahead be?

Field spread hadn't affected running too much in the opening laps, and Logan's early stop had him within the 2.5s window.
The Strategist's thoughts that Logan would pit in the expected window and be 2.6-5 seconds adrift meant a wrong call, but 23% of players got this correct.

Q7: How many Virtual Safety Car periods will there be?

The well-behaved runners had no slowdowns in the 57-lap race.
The Strategist believed any interruption would be a full Safety Car rather than virtual, so our expert bagged another five points here by choosing zero, along with 12% of players.

Q8: How many full Safety Car periods will there be?

Perhaps the same 12% of players that didn't expect a VSC also foresaw no Safety Car appearance as, again, only a minority of you got this right.
The Strategist didn’t however, along with 67% of players in predicting a solitary SC slowdown.

The Strategist's Score: 2/8

The Strategist only netted 10 points this time out but will hope to make up ground with the upcoming triple header.
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