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On Trend: How you reacted to our Team Principal announcement

Published on
19 Jan 2023
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The best of social media following James Vowles’ appointment

The dust has settled since we confirmed James Vowles as our new Team Principal and it’s safe to say that it took you all by surprise.
Well here at Grove, we know how to keep a secret.
We also loved looking at all the responses to the news; here are just a few of our favourites.
Let’s start at the beginning, with the tweet that kicked it all off.
It didn’t take our friends from Brackley long to seize the opportunity.
We couldn’t agree more.
Don’t worry, we’re hyped as well.
Neither can we, Carl.
Get set for some JV x JB content in ‘23.
We hope you’re all as excited as Zoe.
We see what you did there.
Roll on 20th February.
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