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Revisited: Nigel Mansell's 1992 Silverstone win

Published on
12 Jul 2022
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We take a look back at Nigel's iconic 1992 British Grand Prix victory

There were many moments throughout Nigel Mansell’s 1992 World Championship winning season where Our Nige displayed his immense brilliance behind the wheel of our FW14B.
The Lion tamed his iconic Red Five to 14 pole positions and 12 podiums, including nine race wins, wrapping up the title with five of the 16 rounds remaining.
Arguably the most defining drive of that season came at the 1992 British Grand Prix, held on this day 30 years ago.
The then 38-year-old already had a commanding lead in the championship as the Formula One circus arrived at his home race, an event he had already won on three occasions.
Mansell Mania was gripping the nation and the fastest moustache in motorsport treated his adoring public to a Grand Chelem, kicked off with an astonishing pole lap.
The FW14B was by far and away the fastest machine in the field. Its innovative technological advances were matched by the best engine at the time, all piloted by a Brit who had the bit between his teeth.
Nigel secured pole position with a 1:18.965, a full 1.919 seconds clear of his teammate, Riccardo Patrese, and a further 2.741 seconds ahead of Ayrton Senna in third.
“I was in two minds whether to go out and even beat my time at 19.1 or 19.2,” he said at the time.
“But I felt I’d give it another go, so many people have come here today, I think it would be a shame if I had just sat in the pits.
“To get in the 18s for me, I’ll say it for myself, it was sensational.”
Fast forward to Sunday and things didn’t immediately go to plan at the start for Nigel, with his Italian colleague immediately getting the jump on him going into Copse corner.
But, just one turn later, Nigel got back through and from here he never looked back, pulling away from not just Riccardo, but the rest of the pack too.
“They love him and he loves them,” bellowed Murray Walker as Red Five rounded Luffield for the final time, soon crying out: “They’re breaking ranks! The Union Jacks are waving and Nigel Mansell wins the 1992 British Grand Prix in terrific style!”
“To get in the 18s for me, I’ll say it for myself, it was sensational.”
With one hand out of the cockpit fist-pumping the air, you could just see what it meant to him as he won his home race for a fourth time, his seventh win of the season and the 28th of his career, surpassing Jackie Stewart's 27 to make him the most successful British driver of all time.
Fans poured onto the circuit, as was usual at the time, completely unbridled with joy, completely mobbing Nigel on his in-lap, eventually forcing him to stop and abandon his car a little over halfway around the circuit, forcing him to thumb a lift to the podium in a Transit van.
“I’ve never experienced that in my whole career anywhere in the world,” he stated whilst his champagne-soaked race suit dried in the post-race press conference.
“I mean they’re fantastic, aren’t they? It’s just incredible. If I’m going to dedicate the most historic win of my career, and the history of Great Britain in Formula One, I dedicate it to the fans out there, they are just unbelievable.”
This love shown towards the British fans certainly hasn’t wavered in the three decades that have passed.
Just a few weeks ago, thousands flocked to Goodwood Festival of Speed with their eyes trained on the famous hill as Nigel once again got behind the wheel of his FW14B.
We were able to catch up with him shortly before he hopped back in his former ride.
“Praise it, love it – it loves you! The memories come flooding back when you sit in the seat, the electrics come on, and the V10 has a very special vibration that actually wakes you up in the cockpit and makes you cough.
“It was just an incredible time, very special years and to cumulate in winning the Championship, not only for the country, for the fans and for myself. One of the most special moments in anyone’s life.
“1992 was a conglomerate of something like 30-odd years of racing… everything came together to make it happen.”
"One of the most special moments in anyone’s life."
Nigel Mansell speaks about his legendary 1992 season, plus the iconic FW14B.
Even more recently, Sebastian Vettel had a run in the FW14B he owns before the 2022 British GP, with Our Nige watching on from the catch fencing.
Spectators young and old connect with that car and this driver like few that went before it or have gone since. The pictures of Red Five crossing the line at Silverstone 30 years ago today will live on for many years to come.
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