Barcelona pre-season track session: Day 1

Published on
23 Feb 2022
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Dave Robson, Nicholas Latifi and Alex Albon react

Dave Robson, Head of Vehicle Performance: It’s been a solid day in Barcelona starting to understand the FW44. We had very few problems given how many new concepts there are on the car and both drivers had a good opportunity to complete long runs on several of the Pirelli tyre compounds. It is very early days, but we have made a good start and have identified several opportunities to improve the performance of the car.
Alex was immediately comfortable in the car and was on the pace straightaway. He will drive the car again in the morning before Nicholas returns in the afternoon. We are looking forward to another productive day as we continue our preparation for the season ahead.
Nicholas Latifi: The first session back in the car after a few months off is always interesting. You can tell it’s a different design philosophy, especially with the tyres, as it was my first time driving the new 18-inch Pirellis. Overall, it feels different and there are a few things that, for me, feel quite positive already compared to last year and there are things that need adjusting. But it is still very early days. This morning’s focus was about understanding the systems and the aero platform sensitivities. It was a good day overall.
Alex Albon: I’m really happy with my first proper session in the FW44 this afternoon. The car felt great and the team here in Barcelona did an incredible job. We got some good mileage in which is really important and a great start to the year. The first days on track are usually spent making sure everything is running smoothly and, because it is, we managed to make a start working on the performance of the car. We only have six days testing before the first race, so to be honing in on performance already is a real positive. I’m looking forward to getting back out tomorrow morning!
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