Team Torquing Points: Monaco Mayhem

Published on
28 May 2024
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Read on as we pick out the best bits of the latest episode of Team Torque

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, our driver duo took to the podcast mics for the eighth episode of our new hit web series, Team Torque.
Logan Sargeant and Alex Albon were joined by a very familiar face in Williams Racing Team Principal James Vowles for a chat on things on and off the track.
So make sure to check out the latest episode and catch-up on previous showings if you are already not up to speed on the pod.
Read on as we decided to pick out some of our favourite parts of the Team Torque episode 8 following the chat…

Vowles on the prowl

James started the episode strong, announcing that he was looking to see what or who has been causing chaos on the mic.
James: “I’ve seen a few of these, so I came here more than anything else to see how it gets out of control.”
Logan: “Well it’s right in the middle of us! [pointing to Alex].”
Alex: “I don’t believe that to be the case actually, that’s an unfair outlook on this delightfully insightful podcast…”

Delightful insight

On the topic of insight, the trio were asked how difficult back-to-back grand prix weekends were in terms of dealing with the quick turnaround.
Alex: “To me, back-to-back GPs, I love them because it's so fresh in your head, and you go into Friday, and it's just like…”
Logan: “I agree, I think back-to-back GPs are nice, but it has more workload before to get everything done for both rounds.
“But a back-to-back-to-back becomes quite challenging.”
James: “I’ll give you an example: Singapore into Japan.
“You’ve gone through one of the most physical, difficult races. You’re going through the recovery period when we’re now trying to get you focusing on the next event.”
Alex: “Yeah, that's very true. Back-to-back European races are quite nice, timezone permitting back-to-backs.
“They are tough, but I still don’t mind them.”
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Looking back on Monaco

When asked for positive memories of racing in Monte Carlo, James spoke of what it is like to be trackside at the Circuit de Monaco and some of the stress which comes with the race.
James: “So the same as yourself [Alex and Logan], you put it down into qualifying.
“Even getting it right to give you guys the right bit of track and the right circumstance, and then in the race, it comes down to normally one decision and luck on safety cars.
“You can look like a hero or a zero, both of us, all of us, and that’s the sort of love-hate relationship I have with Monaco.”

Onto the golf course

Next up were the fan questions, where Kerri, from Scotland, asked what’s your favourite non-racing activity to do together?
Logan: “I think it goes back to golf.”
James: “I’d happily give that a go with you two, actually.”
Alex: “Yeah, well, we’ll do it [then].”
Logan: “Or something like a run?”
Alex: “A run. Yeah, I wouldn't wake up and voluntarily, in my free time, do a run. I do it for my sport, but as a group, I would maybe think more about…”
Logan: “Something a bit more fun.”
James: “I think golf is the way forward. We’ll get that organised.
“Now I’ve just got to find a way of secretly practising until then.”
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