PWP: Two players top-score in Singapore

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18 Sep 2023
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Our leader has reached the 300-point mark, where do you stack up on our rankings?

We didn't score points after a heartbreaking late-race collision at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, but that wasn't the case for most players in Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.
Our free-to-play game had two standout Singapore stars scoring top marks — a perfect 40 — to add sizeable points to their 2023 tally.
Furthermore, they can both boast about holding the most elusive badge in the Williams Racing collection: Pit Wall Perfection.
One player now stands above everyone else with a mighty 300 points but with second place right on their heels.
Find out how you compared to all other players and see how Williams Racing's insider guru, The Strategist, fared by reading below.
Find out your results
See how you fared against other fans in the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.

Q1: What lap will Alex make his first stop?

The Safety Car slowdown saw a flurry of activity in the pit lane, with Alex's Lap 20 stop just putting him in the Lap 11-20 bracket.
53% of players followed The Strategist's advice to get the first question right.

Q2: What lap will Logan first pit on?

Logan needed to swap his front wing on Lap 19, putting him into the Lap 11-20 option as The Strategist predicted.
This question saw 57% of players picking up five points for their Singapore total.

Q3: Which Williams Racing driver will pit first?

Alex is usually our first pit lane visitor, but Sarge boxed first in Singapore to trip up The Strategist this week.
We saw a 50/50 split in the player base for this question, so don't feel too bad if you got this wrong.

Q4: When the first Williams Racing driver pits, where will they pit from?

A slow in lap, thanks to damage, meant Logan was in the P16-P20 range by the time he reached the pit lane.
The Strategist incorrectly thought this would be P11-P15, along with 53% of players. In the end, just 14% called this right.

Gulf x Williams Racing

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Q5: How many pit stops will our drivers make between them?

A spot-on selection for The Strategist here, predicting four pit stops with each driver pitting twice.
If you got this correct, you were one of the 19% who did, with most expecting two stops in total.

Q6: How many SC periods will there be?

Singapore keeps its record of consistently bringing out the Safety Car, with 2023 seeing one appearance for Bernd Mayländer.
Three in every five players got this right, perhaps following The Strategist's tip of choosing "one" as their answer.

Q7: At the end of the race, how close will Alex's gap be?

The tight finish had Alex on the cusp of points, just behind P10, to mark 0.1-2.5 seconds as the correct answer here.
The Strategist went wrong here, selecting 2.6-5.0 seconds instead, but 19% got this one right.

Q8: At the end of the race, how close will Logan's gap be?

Like Alex, Logan was on the tail of a Haas across the line to finish between 0.1 and 2.5 seconds behind the next car.
This was our lowest-scoring answer, with only 8% scoring five points, while The Strategist scored zero.

The Strategist's Score: 4/8

Another solid performance for The Strategist, with only 10% of players outscoring them this week.
These 20 points for our Grove Guru put them to 61st place as we head to Japan.
And speaking of which, you can get set for Suzuka with your predictions later this week, when Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf, opens up again.
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