PWP: The Strategist searches for success in Suzuka

Published on
22 Sep 2023
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Get the latest insights for this weekend’s Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf

Following a solid result in Singapore, ‘The Strategist’ is ready to go again as we wrap another double-header with a trip to Suzuka.
Currently sat in P61 with 245 points on the board, our secretive Grove guru has gained ground on the leaders in recent weeks but is still someway off P1 who has hit the 300-point mark.
Another 40 points are up for grabs this Sunday, will you follow The Strategist’s tips or make your own calls?
Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf
Don't forget to submit your answers before lights out!

Q1: On which lap will Alex make his first stop?

Lap 11-20. The start around Suzuka is often key. Get around the first tour without picking up damage and you’re well on your way. I fancy Alex to be in the fight and box for the first time during the second bracket.

Q2: On which lap will Logan make his first stop?

Lap 11-20. He will be in the same window, but I predict Logan will come into the box after Alex. We have seen this a few times during the 2023 season so far, and I reckon he too will fall into the second bracket of our prediction game.

Q3: Which Williams Racing driver will pit first?

Alex. Albono has been our first racer to stop more often than not in 2023, and I expect that to be the case again in Suzuka this weekend.

Q4: When the first Williams Racing driver pits, what position will they pit from?

P6-P10. I’m hopeful we’ll once again be fighting around the lower reaches of the points once again, and that’s where Alex will be when he comes in.

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Q5: When Alex makes his first stop, what will the gap between him and the car ahead be?

0.1-2.5s. I fancy Alex to be battling hard, keeping on the tail of the cars ahead of him, so I’m going for the narrowest gap possible.

Q6: When Logan makes his first stop, what will the gap between him and the car ahead be?

0.1-2.5s. Similarly to Alex, I expect Logan to be battling in the mix. Logan’s starts have been pretty strong this season and, on his first visit to this storied circuit, he’s going to be right up for the fight with those ahead.

Q7: How many Virtual Safety Car periods will there be?

Zero. We have not seen a VSC deployment at Suzuka since 2018 and I think the wait will go on for another year.

Q8: How many full Safety Car periods will there be?

One. 2022 saw the Safety Car deployed early on before the race was red-flagged. Thankfully the weather looks more settled this year, but the challenge of Suzuka remains the same. I reckon Bernd Mayländer will take to the track once.
You’ve heard from The Strategist, now it’s time to make your decisions below. You have until the lights go out on Sunday to make any changes, good luck!
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