PWP: Did you hit the jackpot in Las Vegas?

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20 Nov 2023
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Four players scored top marks! Find out how you fared on Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf, at the Las Vegas Grand Prix…

A topsy-turvy Las Vegas GP turned into a Sunday that no one could've predicted panning out as it did.
However, that wasn't the case in our free-to-play game, Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf, where four players managed a perfect week with eight correct guesses.
Were you one of them, and how close to the top of the standings are you as we head into the final round?
Read on below to see how you handled Vegas compared to other players and, of course, our Grove insider known only as The Strategist.
Find out your results
See how you fared against other fans in the latest round of Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf.

Q1: On which lap will Alex make his first stop?

Alex took his medium tyres 16 laps into the race before switching over to Pirelli's hard compound.
That didn't surprise the 66% of players who correctly chose Lap 11-20 as their answer, along with The Strategist.

Q2: On which lap will Logan make his first stop?

Logan boxed one lap earlier than his teammate on Lap 15, making it another Lap 11-20 correct answer here.
The Strategist predicted a later stop for Logan, between Lap 21 and 30, so they lost points, unlike the 61% who rightly called Lap 11-20.

Q3: Which Williams Racing driver will pit first?

Only one lap separated the Williams pair's pitting patterns in Las Vegas, but Logan was the one to stop first.
Some 54% got this right, with The Strategist continuing to back Alex as the first stopper and missing out on advancing their tally.

Q4: How many stops will our drivers make between them?

We raced a one-stopper on both FW45s and opted not to box during the mid-race Safety Car.
That meant we only had two total pit stops in the race, as 23% of players predicted, but not The Strategist and the other 49% that thought it'd be four.
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Q5: How many Virtual Safety Car periods will there be?

A single VSC stoppage came early amid the Turn 1 craziness on the opening lap.
We had 53% thinking it'd be a single virtual slowdown, but not The Strategist, though, who was one of the 14% who thought we'd avoid any Vegas VSCs.

Q6: How many full Safety Car periods will there be?

Not long after the VSC finished, we had the first of two full Safety Car appearances to bring the pack together.
"I think we'll see Bernd Mayländer make at least one appearance," was The Strategist's prediction, but they went for "one" as their answer instead of "two," as 26% of you correctly chose.

Q7: What tyres will Alex end his race on?

The single stoppage meant neither car would end the race on mediums, as the majority expected.
Alex switched to hard tyres on Lap 16 and crossed the line with them — something just 17% scored points for.

Q8: What tyres will Logan end his race on?

Another low-scoring question, with only 20% backing Logan to finish his Las Vegas Saturday on the hard compound rubber.
As The Strategist split their strategy, there were five more points here, but they'll feel little consolation in a tough week for the Grove guru.

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With 420 points and a 20-point advantage over P2, it's some lofty heights for our leader heading into Abu Dhabi.
The Strategist sits on 360 points and is looking to finish the season strong to rise above the 31st position they currently occupy.
One last Pit Wall Predictions, presented by Gulf, round awaits.
Look out for our Abu Dhabi questions coming to you this week for you to end 2023 on a high!
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