Make your Pit Wall Predictions for the second race

Published on
22 Mar 2022
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It’s time to make your strategy choices ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – Pit Wall Predictions is open for round two.
Did you make the right calls in Bahrain? Well, we’re pleased to report ONE FAN managed to get all eight predictions correct.
Another fan fell agonisingly short of the full house, getting seven out of eight spot on, with 38 getting six.
Will you go better this week? There’s only one way to find out…
Pit Wall Predictions
Test your strategic know-how against Williams fans across the globe in our free-to-play predictor game.
Is this your first time playing Pit Wall Predictions? Welcome to our free-to-play game that gives you the chance to definitively prove you know what you’re talking about.
Ahead of each Grand Prix, we’ll task you with making eight predictions. Submit what you think will happen during the race before sitting back and watching the action unfold.
Each correct prediction will earn you five points and you can keep track of your score across the 2022 season.
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