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On Trend: The best fan reactions to Drive to Survive Season 4

Published on
16 Mar 2022
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We see what you’re saying, now lets see if you made our list

The fourth season of Netflix’s Drive to Survive launched last week and social media has been flooded with your reactions… and we’ve seen them all.
Of course, we featured heavily with our very own episode that gave you the chance to see how things are shaping up within the team.
Now it’s time to see if you made the list of our favourite tweets over the weekend.
Well, he's not wrong
Yeah, that happened
Who said romance was dead?
Right, OK. He's Mercedes' problem now...
C'est magnifique
Not us!
Those scenes in Budapest were something else
Hands up if you did this 💁‍♂️
Welcome to the fan club
The very definition of being a team player
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