Five things that last longer in our Tyre Whisperer’s life

Published on
12 Apr 2022
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Alex Albon's magic doesn’t stop at just Pirelli tyres…

After making his hard compound tyres last for just over 300 kilometres during Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix, it got the team thinking what else in Alex Albon’s world would last longer.
Get your minds out of the gutter and join us as we investigate five such things…

1. His phone battery lasts as long as a Nokia 3210

A real pain of modern life is just how quickly your phone battery drains.
This is a problem for us mere mortals, but it’s not something the Tyre Whisperer has to worry about.
Some say Alex never plugged in his mobile once during the entire Australian Grand Prix weekend…

2. Milk in his fridge never goes sour

A self-proclaimed “man of all milks”, Alex never has to worry about a use by date.
After spending the opening three weeks of the season away from home, he reportedly returned home to drink from the same bottle of milk that he had opened before leaving for Bahrain.
He doesn’t just draw the line at milk. Fruit and vegetables will stay fresh as a daisy so long as Albono is around.

3. His coffee never goes cold

We learnt on 22 Questions that Albono likes a Latte, but in his hands it always stays at the perfect temperature.
Said to be between 55 and 62 degrees Celsius, he never has to rush a mug of his favourite Lavazza drink.
In the mammoth driver briefings, he’ll still be on the same cup he started drinking come the end of the session.

4. His Duracell batteries never run out

We all know our friends at Duracell provide some of the highest quality batteries around, but for our own AA, replacing them just isn’t a problem.
There are rumours that he hasn’t changed his TV remote batteries for over 10 years, and who can be surprised at that?!

5. Makes saying George last forever

We really should have seen Alex’s natural talent when it comes to keeping things going, the signs were always there.
Cast your minds back to 2020, we’re locked down but Virtual Grands Prix are keeping us going…
“Geeeeeeooooooorrrrrrgggggggeeeeee!” is the now iconic cry we kept hearing down the microphone as our former man, how shall we put it, got under Albono’s skin whilst racing online.
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